Monday, December 17, 2018

Peary's First Birthday

Peary, my little chicken nugget.

Today is his first birthday.

Our life together is basically like these two photos.


our first week together

a more recent photo

He has thankfully passed the phase where he thought rocks might be a hardy snack. What can I say Peary experiences the world through this mouth.

He, like you and I, wear a seat belt because when Peary saw people at the farm there's no way he could wait until the vehicle has come to a full and complete stop. No way! He needed to smother them in kisses and jumps so he leaped out the window in a single bound from the passenger seat to the driver side. (Disclaimer: he now wears his puppy seat belt at all times while in the car and he was completely unharmed and unapologetic about jumping out of a moving truck...I on the other hand was traumatized).

He destroys so called "tough toys" in 23 hours from time of purchase.

He sleeps on the top of the couch like a cat.
He eats his food slowly through out the day like a cat.
He is basically a barking cat.
He hates cats.

His love language is definitely gifts.

He puts his paw on top of mine in the car.

And he snuggles by my feet under the blanket.

He is my littlest best friend.

Happiest Birthday to the most stubborn (dachshund side), and hyperactive (jack russel side) but so unbelievably cute it's ok puppy, Peary.


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