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Floral Book Review: "Fluent Forever" by Gabriel Wyner

My floral review of "Fluent Forever"
I had a small (actually rather large) mishap when I was checking the first 3 photos I took on my camera the entire arrangement toppled over, incidentally smashing the lillies. So sadly for this review this is my only photo but I still think it turned out pretty good! 

Language fascinates me.

This fascination was triggered by two things.

1. By my many bi-lingual customers
2. The high school I work at during the winter has an English as a Second Language class

There is grossly disturbing view shared by many Americans (especially American young people who are not yet very worldly) that they have no need for another language since they have the gift of being raised in an English speaking nation.  

Everyone speaks English and those that don't should learn. 

Why would you allow your world to be so small when it has the potential to be so vast? 

Yes, I took Spanish in high school and even went on the trip to Spain that they offered. I was even had the incredible opportunity of being raised in an environment with access to many kind hearted native Spanish speakers. 

Alas my Espanol is mas o menos. 

I started doing this neat thing with one of my customers from India. Each week when she and her very patient husband would come to shop she'd teach me a new word in Hindi.

I just found language completely enchanting. 

So I got it in my head to take my mas o menos Spanish to fluency which I am in progress. 

But why on Earth would I shop there? 

After Spanish I will move on to French, Navajo (yes, the language of the native people of the Southwest United States), and Portuguese.  I would also like to have some knowledge of Greek, Italian, and Arabic. 

There is nothing more frustrating then wanting to communicate with someone but having no common speak other than what are usually bazaar hand signals. So, for myself I'm addressing that problem by meeting with the people I encounter where they are instead of expecting them to meet me where I am.

Gabriel Wyner offers his system to help readers learn. This book is thick with information. A completely informative book that I find to be especially helpful.

For example he says that if you encounter a word that looks exceptionally scary start by breaking down the word backwards in small pieces. 

Take  desarrolladores (developers)....start by saying dores then rrolladores and finally desarrolladores. 

Or how about sonrojado (blushing)...start with ado...then rojado...and sonrojado 


He also has this neat ideology that he shares: 
"Make memories more memorable. 
Maximize laziness.
Don't review. Recall.
Wait, wait! Don't tell me! 
Rewrite the past" 

Wyner further writes, "These principles will enable you to remember more in less time. Combined, they form a system that can insert thousands of words and grammar rules so deeply into your mind that you'll be able to recall them instantly.  Most attractively, this system can take what little spare time you have and steadily turn it into a usable foreign language." 

His system is largely based on spaced repetition of flashcards which plays into his advice to not translate but learn using the word in the language you're learning and a picture. I am extremely visual so this picture system is like a dream come true! 

There are also quite a few other tips and tricks and resources he gives. It's a lot to digest but it's so darn exciting. 

Too many people say I'd love to learn another language.

Ok! Great! Start today then.  

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