Robson's Farm is a fourth generation orchard fruit and farmstand (purple farmstand) in Central New Jersey situated on the corner of Rahilly Road and Monmouth Road run by Rose Robson (that's me in the photo) and her Mom, Jean. 

Robson's Farm was originally up the street, where I grew up. 

After my Grandpop and Dad passed away in 2006, with much sadness we said goodbye to the big farm.  We did however, keep 40 acres up the street from the original farm which is where we are today, 33 Rahilly Road in Wrightstown.

Over the years we've grown a lot of veggies, run a CSA, a farmstand and grown awesome orchard fruit. We're now focusing on the orchard fruit side of the business. We grow delicious, fun, unique and hard to find fruit. 

We'd love for you to come visit this summer. To keep in touch join our email list for updates on what we're picking during the season. 

Can't wait to see you! 


P.S. Here's a little more history below....

We actually started with our main focus on dairy when 
Arthur Kidd Robson (Great grandfather ) bought the farm in 1932.  

After a fire took the dairy barns my Grandpop sold the cows and began full time vegetable production.

From there we acquired more land and eventually farmed 1,200 acres. 

one of our tomato fields


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  2. I am so happy that you are back and to this extent! You will have our full support in the future. I'm just sorry it took this long to "see" your new business. The loss of your father and grandfather was so very sad. Both really good men who were a big part of our community. The selling of the farm was felt personally. I had been going there for over 60 years, from when your sweet great grandmother ran the stand by herself selling eggs, veggies and a few fruit. Best of luck!

  3. Thank you so much for your sweet message! Made my day!


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