Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Paying it Forward with Your Food

There is a great documentary called Food Inc. which I really encourage you to watch - you can find it on Netflix.  At one point, the movie interviews a Mother of a family who is struggling to make ends meet.  She says if her kids are hungry and she only has a dollar to spend she chooses the Dollar Menu at a McDonalds over an apple because it's more food.  It will make her kids feel more full.  Her husband is suffering from diabetes due to years of eating unhealthy, processed, empty calorie foods.  The Mom sites her spouses illness as something that has contributed to financial stress for the family....something that takes money away from her ability to buy better food.  That part of the documentary left the biggest impression me.

From my years of being a Medical Device sales rep and a Pharmaceutical sales rep I have seen first hand where unhealthy food choices will lead you - to the pharmacy with a stack of prescriptions in your hand. 

I truly believe that good, healthy, fresh food should be available to everyone - especially children.   This is why we are so happy to accept WIC Checks (Woman, Infant, Children Checks), Senior Checks, and Cash Value Voucher Checks.  These are government funded programs which help qualified people get nutritious food direct from a farmer or farm stand in NJ.  

Another point of interest: Farmers Against Hunger helps farmers get unsold items from tailgate markets and unpicked items to soup kitchens, churches, etc.  This is something my dad was very passionate about and I feel the same way.   

What I'm getting at is there are resources to help - this might not apply to you but you may know someone who could benefit.  There are millions of unused dollars each year.  That's millions of dollars that could be spent on food to improve your health. I am committed to helping anyone who has these checks or anyone who thinks they may qualify.  If you are curious click the link above to get more information.           

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