Sunday, June 2, 2013

Yellow Beet Awesome-ness!

Today at the Kirby's Farmers' Market I debuted our Yellow Cylindrical Beets.  Truth be told...I ended up growing these out of desperation.  Every seed company I order from had Golden Beets on back order.  And I really wanted a yellow beet option because of their more mild flavor.  While doing some reading I found out about another farmer who sourced a lot of their seeds from Baker Creek Seeds.  These guys specialize in heirloom and rare seeds.  You will find that I have an obsession with heirloom vegetables - I also have an obsession with heirloom home goods...indeed I am an antique shop junky! But I digress.  I perused around on Baker Creek's site and happened upon the Yellow Cylindrical Beet.  A total gamble since I had no idea what they would taste like or yield potential.  As soon as I tasted these guys on Saturday night I knew I had a winner! Sweet and nice to look at!  I will be offering them in mixed bunches with chioggia and red beets and in bunches by themselves.

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