Sunday, April 13, 2014

Apple Pick Up Adventure

every white rectangle you see is a protective covering at the base of a baby fruit tree

When I had the chance to opt "yes" to pick up some of the apple trees I ordered I  jumped at the chance to take one last off farm outing before...all hell breaks loose.

I love a good day trip.

I am ecstatic about putting in an apple orchard.  There is nothing better than apple picking...the weather is and miscito-free!

I didn't get all of the varieties I wanted this year but I think I have a good start to the orchard.  I'm planting a decent amount "antique" (aka heirloom) apples...and I'm dabbling with apples that are pink on the inside like Pink Pearl.  They couldn't be more fantastic if they tried!

When you first roll into town outside of the nursery there is a big sign that says "Apple Country"...and man is that an's pretty much solid tree fruit as soon as you get off the highway....

I loved the sign on this cattle barn.  Sadly I didn't get a very clear picture but it reads: 
Enjoy BEEF
Real Food
For Real People
....That one's for you, my Crossfit friends! 

If only 107 trees looked more impressive! We will be getting a few more trees from two other nurseries which will be coming by mail....if only California was a day trip away! 

Can't wait to get these guys planted! 


  1. Apples. Awesome! It looks like you got a good bunch of healthy trees Rose! I was just checking out this interview with an organic orchardist from New Hampshire. The guy covers small scale orcharding in the northeast, neem oil, pest cycles with an awesome trap tree concept, new kaolin clay techniques. Check it out, i'm not advertising, its just totally ironic you posted about apples. That pic is real cool with the contrasting colors of stems on the trees. Enjoy today before the rain dumps.

    1. Thanks for sharing the link. So great! I am definitely interested in the usage of clay to keep out disease and pests. Fingers crossed for not too much rain!


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