Monday, April 7, 2014

Seeing Things Differently

I love books as a gift because they are timeless.  I will still pick up Dr. Seuss's, "Oh the Places You Will Go" because it never gets old, not to mention it is a stellar book.  And don't even get me started on my obsession with cookbooks....

I was recently scampering around the book store for a birthday gift for a little lady who is turning 1 year old.  As I looked up and down the shelves my eyes settled on, "What Do You Do with An Idea?" written by Kobi Yamada.  I thought, what a great theme for a children's book.  After all, when you are young, all of your ideas are possible, no matter how bold, brazen, or outlandish (I try to hold onto that child-like enthusiasm as much as possible).

I read the book, loved it and want to share with a little quote:

"It {the idea} showed me how to walk on my hands.  "Because," it said, "it is good to have the ability to see things differently."      

in the book, the "idea" is represented by a golden egg/chicken-like creature

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