Monday, July 13, 2015

Weekly Videos about Vegetables

So I started this new weekly project per the suggestion of one of my SCORE mentors.  I had participated in a SCORE program when I was in South Carolina and this winter had been feeling like I needed an outside perspective. A perspective that has no idea about farming.  I needed someone to bounce ludicrous ideas (by farming standards) off of and get constructive thoughts back. Glorious!

I love doing these videos...I find them terribly fun!  In all of them I am in a T-shirt (usually filthy) and baseball cap with dirty handy fresh from the field...and I'm not mad about it one little bit!

I think it's a nice way to connect, hopefully make you laugh, and share ideas from fellow customers.

So until now they've just been available in the weekly emails I send to Buying Club members however the items I talk about for Buying Club boxes mirrors what I'll also have (for the most part) at the Farmer's Market. So really the videos are for everyone.

Just to give you a little taste, here's this week's video:


  1. Rose you are awesome. I love how you share stories with us. I wish we were neighbors.

  2. Are those zukes "goldmine" and "safari"........from Johnny's? I've been hearing good things about their salanova lettuce............I think you prefer to sell head lettuce though. I heard that it holds up real well to the stresses of washing and has real staying power in the cooler, lol I sound like a rep for Johnny's, my bad.

    1. You got it! I love goldmine and safari! So sharp! Funny you should bring up salanova lettuce...It's on my mind! It's a "winter hardy" lettuce...however lettuce isn't the best for winter production. Don't feel bad...I have a very strong love of Johnny's seeds. They are my biggest seed source. Good stuff going on!


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